Frog’s Lifecycle

Every animal has different life cycle. Some of life cycles are similar, but not totally the same. Frog is the one which has an interesting life cycle to be studied. Frog has 6 paces in its life cycle. The paces are eggs, tadpoles, tadpoles with hind limbs, froglet, young frog, and adult frog.
The frog eggs or frogspawns are containing thousands of eggs. These spawns usually spread through a water way. It makes them easily to be drifted and some of them fail to hatch. Frogspawns are also vulnerable. They are usually predated by some fish which are bigger. Some lucky eggs which luckily survive hatch into small and become tadpoles. Tadpole is the smallest shape of frog. It is the first after hatched from eggs. It’s typically oval and long. It also has tails and ventral fold which help it to swim.  Tadpole grows up and larger as they feed on algae and bits of plant material in water. In this pace, it still breaths by gills. It is still weak, so it can be easily predated by a predator. As it begins metamorphosis, the tadpole grows hind limbs. It still eats algae –herbivorous. The limbs are growing larger time by time. After both pairs of limbs are completed, it exchanges its gills to lungs. It starts breathing with lungs, and it crawls onto land. It a little bit looks like a young frog. As it grows, it becomes a young frog. It resorbs the rest of its tail and continue grow. Its body is much larger and so are its limbs. It begins being a carnivorous. It keeps growing and reaches its adult body size. It doesn’t have tail anymore. In the last pace, it is ready to mate and produce some eggs.

Frog’s life cycle has 6 steps. This cycle gives some significant changes; a herbivorous frog becomes a carnivorous frog, breathing with gills becomes breathing with lungs, and some significant body changes. It is truly different from other life cycle.
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A tale of Ponary "Ponary's sweat"

Ponary is a kid from Isoton, a harmonious village in Fatigue Valley. He is like an ordinary kid; playing kite, swimming in the river and playing football. Ponary do not only like playing but he also like helping his parents for collecting firewood. Unfortunately, Ponary had been getting lost for 3 days. He was so starving and did not find anything to eat. While he was looking for something to eat, he found a strange rock which is blue and carried it. He stumbled, and the blue rock accidentally threw in to ponary’s mouth and swallowed. After ate that stone, ponary sweat every time. He was really confused and did not know what should he do. Before dusk, his father found him and took him home. Ponary really wondered about his sweaty body.
After came back home, Ponary kept being an ordinary kid. One thing which has changed, was the clothes, Ponary wore wool jersey everywhere. He wore the wool jersey to absorb his excessive sweat. At time when Ponary finished playing football, Ponary twisted his wool jersey to a mangoes tree. Next day, the mangoes tree which had been watered by Ponary’s sweat, born so many mangoes. What a miracle! Ponary’s sweat became a fertilizer for the villagers in Isoton. Ponary’s parents twisted ponary’s jersey, collected Ponary’s sweat in bottles, and gave them to villagers for free.   Ponary’s sweat was really worked and made rice field of villagers fertile. The harvest was also excellent. Unfortunately, because of his grandeur, he admitted he was a god. He became arrogant. At a night when Ponary was sleeping, he was cursed. His sweat was not worked anymore. His  sweat became stink and irritating.
As the result, villagers kicked ponary out from Isoton because of his bad smell and his arrogance. Ponary had to live in the forest. Nobody knows whether ponary still alive or not. Nobody knows whether ponary want to revenge or not. This time, Isoton keep being a village with excellent rice. It’s not because of ponary’s sweat actually, but it’s because of god’s mercy and mediated by Ponary’s sweat. Ponary shouldn’t have been arrogant.
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grown ups

I am not going to tell you about my growing up, but I am going to share what I have got from a movie which I've watched 2 days ago. I watched with my brothers and my uncle at home.  It's a comedy film which is titled “Grown ups”. I would like to give the synopsis of the movie. Here is it.

“Five childhood friends won their junior high basketball championship. During the celebration at a rented lake house, their coach "Buzzer" (Blake Clark) encourages them to live their lives in a similar way to how they played the game. Thirty-two years later, the five friends have since separated. Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) is a high-powered Hollywood talent agent who is married to Roxanne (Salma Hayek), a fashion designer, and has three kids. His sons Greg and Keith have become very spoiled, much to his annoyance. Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) claims he is now a co-owner of a lawn furniture company, is married to Sally (Maria Bello) and has two kids, Donna and Bean. Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) is a househusband who is married to Deanne (Maya Rudolph), and has two kids. Deanne is pregnant with another child and Deanne's mother also lives with the family. Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider) is married to Gloria (Joyce Van Patten), who is 30 years older than he is. Marcus Higgins (David Spade) is a lazy womanizer. All of them regularly tease each other in comedic fashion throughout the movie; Lenny for being rich (although he tries to downplay it throughout the movie), Eric for being overweight, Kurt for being skinny and not being more useful, Rob for his relationship issues with his ex-wives and his current much older wife, and Marcus for being a slacker.”

What I have got from this film?
  • First thing which I have got is "Keep struggling in a match till the buzz and keep struggling in this life till the god buzz you". That wisdom has been said by buzzer. That wisdom said to encourage the men follow a basketball championship. As the result, the five men could be the winner of that championship. That wisdom reminds to keep struggling in this life. That’s why I am interested to share the trailer and synopsis of this movie. I hope readers also can be encouraged by the implied message in this film.  
  • The second thing which I learned is about togetherness. Everthing has changed when they were having fun in a villa near the lake, and especially it influenced Lenny's family. Lenny's family used to live in a glamour lifestyle. They're rich exactly. His sons used to play video game (PS3) and text his servant when needed any help. His wife used to enjoy her glamour life as a famous designer. As the result, Lenny's family has changed because of togetherness in the rented house where they were having fun with others family.

    I also provide the trailer.

    There are some silly acts, silly actors and many more.
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    how to create a romantic evening for two


    Most of couples absolutely want to create a romantic evening which is unforgettable. It is not only done by a married couple but also by an unmarried couple. It is usually held on an anniversary, after fighting, valentine day or any special day. The common program is dinner, but dinner has to be modified to make it more special. Modified mean is the dinner has to be prepared before. There are several things to modify a special dinner which have to be prepared before.
    First, we have to prepare the ingredients such as music, candles, great food. The most famous program is candle light dinner. We can prepare the barely condition which is only lightened by some candles. It’s really romantic. For the food, if we make it at home, it’s better to cook by ourselves. It will be more surprising and unforgettable, but we have to know how to cook well and what our partner favorite food is. Another thing which has to be prepared before is the music. Music can warm up the atmosphere of the dinner. We should play the romantic music which is the favorite music of us and our partner. It will be excellent if we have prepared all of the ingredients before.
    Second, we have to prepare our appearance. It is more important for the girls than the boys, but we have to look great in a special evening however, no matter we’re boys or girls. We have to dress up before and wear the best cloth. For the girls, it’s also better to make up beside dress up. This preparing appearance is to make us look more different than others day, because we are going to have a special evening.
    For the last is about activities. We should not be stuck on only one activity, dinner.  We can consider to carries on activity that we like to do it with our partner. For the example, after dinner we can watch a romantic movie together which have been watched or haven’t watched yet. We will be spending a lot of time together with our partner by doing this. It will also warm up our evening with our partner.
    Actually, making a romantic evening is not too hard if we have prepared it before, and we have prepared every supporting part of doing it. It’ll be excellent if we prepare all about ingredients, appearance and activities which supporting the special evening.

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    I'll give everything for my everything

    I love you just like an oxygen which I breath in every microsecond of this life.
    yeah, I may say that this feeling more than just love or even a miracle.
    I often say "You're a godsend"

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    essay as an assignment "autobiography"

    “How Have I been and People Around Me”

    I have been living in this world for more than 20 years. It is not a short time, and there are so many parts of life which I have passed through. The most important thing which I have been passing is education, and people around me are the most influential parts. Here is the story about how have I been and people around me.
    I was born in Padang, exactly in “Bidan Desjensi” at “Simpang Tinju’. My birthday is August 3rd, 1990. My mom said that I was born at noon on Friday –before “Sholat Jumat”. I guess that’s the reason why I am a loyal Moslem and exactly a kind person. My mom also said that I was born in a hard economic condition of my family. My father and my mom found it hard to get a job, because they just graduated from Senior High School. Fortunately, some of their friends helped them to grow me up at that time. Some of their friends helped them to buy me some milk, and some of their friends helped them to buy me some toys. That was really helpful.
    Frankly, I have an unusual education background. I went to a Moslem Kindergarten which is named “Sabbihisma”. I learned everything there especially reading Al-Quran. As the result, when I was in Elementary School, I also studied at “TPA”, and I always got high score in that “TPA”. I became naughty enough when I was in Junior High School because of having naughty friends. I was not really suitable with my past life style as student of “TPA”. I had less achievement. I planned to make a changing in Senior High School and then I started to study at Chemistry Analyst High School. I studied all about chemistry analysis there. I found my new world and enjoyed it. Before I graduated from that school, I have been worked at a Private Company in North Sumatera. I had been working there for a year and then I decided to continue my study at University. I went back to Padang and prepared for “SNMPTN”. I chose Dentistry and Chemistry. Unfortunately, I failed. I didn’t give up yet. I followed an Examination in Andalas Universty for Extensive class. I chose Pharmaceutical. Unfortunately, I failed again. I almost gave up. For the last, I followed an examination in Padang State University for Non-Regular class. I chose English Language Teaching and Learning, Computer and Technology Education and Hotel Management. Those choices are from deep inside my heart and considered. What a godsend, I succeed in English Language Teaching and Learning, my first choice. It is not match with my education background as a chemistry analyst, but I enjoy my study here now, because I love English.
    People around me are the most important part of my life. They are my family and my friends. My father and my mother just graduated from Senior High School. My father is a tailor and my mother is an assurance agent. They always try to do the best for me. They always give some mental supports and like to share everything together with me. They are never reluctant to care about me or even in small thing. They not only give a finance support but also a mental support. My brothers also motivate me to grasp my dream. My first brother’s name is Dimas. He like biology and have followed many Biology Competition. My second brother’s name is Fahmi. He like Scout and have some achievement in Scouting. Those are the reason why I can be motivated. My Friends is the last part. My friends included close friends and girlfriend. My close friends never stop giving me support and some wisdom. My close friends are always there when I need them and also my girlfriend. My girlfriend is not only as usual girlfriend for me. She is like a member of family for me. We share everything and give some helps each other. I admit that people around me are influential parts of my life.
    20 years is a long times to pass everything in this life. I have been studying and learn everything from this life. People around me who always support me; I admit that I can’t live without them. For all of the things of my life, I enjoy everything.
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    Assignment problem

    Assignments oh assignments!
    Actually, Assignment is not the suspect or a problem maker.
    I'm the problem maker. we're the problem maker.
    we always make the problem and try to escape from the problem without resolve it before.
    is it right guys?
    So, what is the problem?
    Some of us probably says "stop judging me"
    here is the answer.
    Accumulated assignments.
    I admit that I'm an assignments accumulator.
    why does it happen?
    yeah, It happened because we have been accumulating our assignments.
    we do it when the deadline almost come or a few hours later after the time when we make it.
    we tend to judge the lecturer/ teacher or even the assignments(unSIN thing).
    we usually say "the assignments are to much mom/sir/whoever!"
    don't we realize that we're the sinner?
    we judged someone or something who doesn't make the problem exactly.
    the way out is to stop accumulating assignments.
    we have to make it as soon as possible, so it won't be irritating or something negative.
    Let's talk to your self that assignments are for making you better and more better, do it sincerely, and don't accumulate it.

    Let's make a changing guys
    FIRED UP!!!
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